Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tuesday, July 3

Another blue-sky day in Beijing and it's beginning to sink in for many students that we're winding down our class, that soon we'll be saying goodbye to China. All of us miss friends and loved ones back home, yet each participant in this program can relate to the frustration that we'll be leaving this place just as we've begun to master some of its intricacies!

For some students it's the confidence that comes from learning to navigate the buses and metros of this sprawling city. For others its about learning to haggle with increasing success with street vendors - getting better bargains for souvenirs and gifts to bring back to the States. Every participant has found some special place to call their own: a favorite piece of artwork at the 798 District, an amazing view from the Great Wall, a memory of that Dragon Boat ride at the Summer Palace...

Still, many of us end up congregating at least once per day at "The Italian Place," a spot offering Western-style meals located near our hotel. the SJSU crew isn't necessarily homesick, but all of us understand that even this adventure cannot last forever. So today we had our final discussion section, anticipating tomorrow's excursions and the four-day weekend to come. Afterward comes the final project - student presentations - packing, and then home.

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