Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday, July 6

Yeah, it gets a little crowded on the Beijing subway! Even so, SJSU students have been braving the heat, drizzle, and commotion of the big city to enjoy their four-day weekend. Five flew to Hong Kong (sending a note upon their safe arrival) while two other students dedicated the day to climbing another section of the Great Wall. The rest are shopping, searching for new sites to explore, and sampling this city's hopping nightlife. This Monday we'll celebrate the conclusion of class with final presentations and the "Peking Duck Experience." Then it's time to pack for our return flight.

PS: I'm sorry if you're comments aren't showing up. Updating this blog from China can be tricky - causing basic functionality to run poorly (or not at all). Rest assured, though, that I have seen your comments, and I'm happy to learn that you've enjoyed these messages.

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